Writers Block

It Happens to Everyone Weв all, at one time or another, experienced writerв block.

You know, that cloud that fills your mind when you are trying your best to meet the challenge of a writing assignment.

That is writers block preventing you from thinking of what you wish to write.

It happens whether you write infrequently or on a regular basis.

As editor for my college magazine, many times I would face looming article deadlines during times when I had plenty of other schoolwork to keep me busy. Just the stress of the situation was even to make the block come calling. В The more I tried to fight it, the worse it got. В It was awful. В I decided to look online to see what others did about writerвs block. В I did come across this site: www. Thessayist. com. I never new that such a site existed to help out if you are having problems with writers block, or just your writing in general. В I even found out a few tips that I thought I would share with you here.

Taking some time off

Time is a luxury most of us donвt have, but you need to be able to relax in order to write well. В Taking some time away from a project will allow you to calm down. В Do some fun things. В The neat part about this is your brain mulls things over in your subconscious and so will work out what you wish to say with your writing. В Fun activities that may help during your time off would be a walk on the beach, reading your favorite book, exercising, playing sports, cleaning your room or desk, etc. В Anything which helps your mind think clearly.

Warm ups – Warm-ups may seem kind of corny, but they do work.. Take about ten to fifteen minutes and just write whatever comes to your mind. Donвt erase or cross out anything. Continue writing on whatever topic that comes to your mind. The rules of punctuations or grammar do not count here. The goal is to just write until your mind clears out.

Sketch – Writers tend to be more word oriented than image oriented. Even so, doodling or sketching could reduce the stress on your mind. Use colored pencils if you like. Try to think of your writing as images and put them on paper. One approach is simply to draw what you could write. Donвt worry, it doesnt have to be perfect! В The second approach is to sketch the word that is blocking your mind. The third approach is simply free sketching. В This will help exercise and relax your mind.

Write a conclusion – Sometimes, itвs just a piece of writing that might block your mind. So start with your conclusion. В You might not know how to get there, but having an idea of the conclusion can unblock your mind. Simply write down the conclusion to start the process moving.

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